Research Interests: trade and development, sectoral and industrial patterns of trade, trade in services, FDI, structural aspects of competitiveness, macro-economic forecasting in Central and Eastern Europe .


working papers & publications


Non-linear panel estimation of import quotas: The evolution of quota premiums under the ATC, Francois J. and J. Woerz, in the Journal of International Economics, 2009.

"Attract FDI!" A universal golden rule? Empirical evidence for OECD and selected non-OECD countries, Stehrer R. and J. Woerz, The European Journal of Development Research, Vol. 21(1), February 2009, pages 95-111.

Industrial diversity, trade patterns, and productivity convergence, Stehrer R. and J. Woerz, in Review of Development Economics, 2009.

Producer Services, Manufacturing Linkages, and Trade, Francois J.and J. Woerz, in the Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 2008.

Dimensions of Quality Upgrading in CEECs, Dulleck U., N. Foster, R. Stehrer, and J. Woerz, Economics of Transition, Vol. 13(1), January 2005, pp. 51-76. (also published as wiiw Working Paper, No. 29, April 2005 - PDF)

On Export Composition and Growth, Crespo Cuaresma J. and J. Woerz, Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv/Review of World Economics, Vol. 141(1), 2005, pp. 33-49.

Skill Intensity in Foreign Trade and Economic Growth, Woerz J., Empirica, Vol. 32, 2005, pp. 117-144. (earlier versions published in wiiw Working Papers, No. 25, November 2003; revised version January 2004 (PDF) (Data in Excel)

Dynamics of Trade Specialization in Developed and Less Developed Countries, Woerz J., Emerging Markets, Finance and Trade, Vol. 41(3), May 2005, pp. 92-11.

Technological convergence and trade patterns, Stehrer R. and J. Woerz, Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv), Vol. 127(2), June 2003, pp. 191-219.

Working Papers

The Impact of the Global Recession in Europe : The Role of International Trade, with C. Keppel, forthcoming in ‘Proceedings of OeNB Workshops’.

TRADE THROUGH FDI: investing in services, with C. Fillat-Castejón and J. Francois.

Non-linear panel estimation of time-varying effects of import quotas , with J. Francois.

Producer Services, Manufacturing Linkages, and Trade, with J. Francois, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers 07-045/2, Tinbergen Institute.

Good or Bad? The Influence of FDI on Output Growth: An Industry-Level Analysis, with C. Fillat Castejón, wiiw Working Paper (PDF working peper version)

Rags in the High Rent District: Rhetoric and Reality in the Elimination of Textile and Clothing Quotas, with J. Francois, TI Discussion Paper and wiiw Working Paper (PDF working version)

Attract FDI! - A Universal Golden Rule? Empirical Evidence for Europe and Asia, with R. Stehrer, DIME (Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe) working paper.

Data Sets

'Industry Patterns in Output, FDI and Trade: A regional comparison of CEECs with OECD and East Asian countries', wiiw Statistical Reports, No. 2, September 2005
(Data in Excel)