The Institute for International and Development Economics was founded in 1997 as a non-profit research institute. We are focused on the application of economic research and education to guide policy formation, with an emphasis on the global economy, economic (trade and financial) integration, and international development. At our core is a network of research economists based in Europe and North America and working globally on international development and global policy issues. Our activities support research workshops and seminars, database development, contract policy research, training in policy analysis and modeling, and dissemination of research results through the IIDE discussion paper series, links to policy blogs, and public dataset distribution. We have also supported the core activities of the ETSG (the European Trade Study Group) since it was founded in 1999.

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IIDE publications include our discussion papers series and sponsored databases.


The 2012 European Trade Study Group (ETSG) meetings will be held in Leuven in September 2012. IIDE has been a sponsor of ETSG since it was founded in 1999. The ETSG has grown into the world's largest academic conference on international trade. The 2011 program included over 300 papers by trade economists, covering topics ranging from regionalism to the WTO, FDI, tax competition, and the impact of globalization of growth and income inequality. Last year's meeting was held in Rome. More information on this years meeting is available on the ETSG website: http://www.etsg.org.


The Institute represents a network of economists working on issues related to the process of globalization, development, and the relevance of economic policy to these processes. You can access information on IIDE fellows (home pages, discussion papers, etc) here.

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THE TRADE AGENDA: VoxEU on international trade:

MOVING THE TRADE AGENDA FORWARD: With OECD tariffs now at low levels, and the non-OECD countries somewhat distrated with respect to multilateral libearization, there is a rising interest in addressing NTMs in the context of intra-OECD negotiations, either bilaterally (like the ongoing EU-Canadian negotiations for an FTA) or perhaps multilaterally.

Untapping the EU-US trade potential: Taking the Transatlantic Economic Council forward
Lucian Cernat Bertin Martens, 7 May 2010, VoxEU
abstract: The EU and US are huge, quite open markets, but many barriers to doing business across the Atlantic remain. This column argues for creating a transatlantic marketplace by reducing regulatory barriers. The EU and US are already regulatory standard setters. Creating a transatlantic market with harmonised regulation would strongly reinforce this global regulatory leadership role.


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